Canola Oil By Signicent
Canola Oil: What makes it superior to other cooking oils?

Palm oil, which is widely used around the world, has been reported as a health hazard. People are looking for alternatives and shifting to rapeseed oil, canola oil and olive oil.

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Nutraceutical By Signicent
Nutraceuticals: Why you should consider adding them to your diet?

Nutraceutical products are non-specific biological therapies that promote general well-being, control symptoms, and prevent malignant processes. They are rich in natural components that are beneficial in preventive medicine or disease treatment.

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Low Calorie Sugar By Signicent
Low-Calorie Sugar: Shaking the Global Sugar Production

Sugarcane, on an average, accounts for nearly 80% of global sugar production. However, innovative sugar substitutes are gaining popularity as low-calorie sweeteners have the same taste and texture as table sugar.

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Meat Extenders By Signicent
Meat Extenders Report: How do natural products refine the meat quality?

The objective of the report is to conduct a technology intelligence study on “processing & packaging of Meat Extenders”. The Meat Extenders Report will cover the innovations in the processing & packaging of meat extenders along with market & cost…

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Protein Snacks By Signicent
Protein Snacks Report: Are innovations able to boost the market?

Protein is an essential part of a basic diet, however, an estimated one billion people worldwide suffer from protein deficiency. All proteins have a shared characteristic of being composed of long chains of α-amino (alpha-amino) acids.

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Potato Snacks by Signicent
Potato Snacks Report: What Trends will Drive the Market?

Potato snacks are produced worldwide and include a variety of products like chips, French fries, and flakes but are not limited to these.

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Food & Nutrition by Signicent
Food & Nutrition Report: How it is Aiding Market Growth?

The report has a comprehensive analysis of technologies that includes details of innovations in food & nutrition. Various competitors’ key players and associated technologies regarding food nutrition enhancement.

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Functional Energy Drink By Signicent
Functional Energy Drinks Report: Can Cannabidiol (CBD) Infused Beverages Disrupt Market?

The functional energy drinks report will take you through the challenges, advancements, emerging technologies, innovative products, startups, in energy drinks in the beverage industry.

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Animal Feed & Supplements By Signicent
Animal Feed & Supplements Report: Innovations Driving Poultry, Aquaculture & Pet Food Market

Animal feed is food given to domestic animals, especially livestock, in the course of animal husbandry to increase the yield such as milk production of lactating animals and meat from meat-producing animals.

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Reduced No Sugar Healthy Beverages By Signicent
Reduced/ No Sugar Healthy Beverages: Technology Innovations, Challenges, Products & Market Research Report

The escalating prevalence of diabetes and obesity are pushing consumers from sugar to sugar-free alternatives. Burgeoning consciousness for health and wellness globally has been driving accelerated changes in the food and beverage industry.

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Healthy Electrolyte & Antioxidant Beverages By Signicent
Healthy Electrolyte & Antioxidant Beverages: Innovative Technologies, Products & Market Research Report

The minerals that conduct an electrical charge when mixed with water are termed electrolytes. These help in regulating a variety of the body’s essential functions. Electrolytes aids in nerve signaling, pH balance, muscle contraction, and hydration.

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Tobacco Harm Reduction By Signicnet
Tobacco Harm Reduction: Innovative Technologies, Key Companies, Patents & Market Research

According to W.H.O, Tobacco is taking lives of more than 8 million people each year. It is estimated that more than 7 million of the deaths are due to direct consumption.

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