Signicent can help both Indian and Non-Indian clients to file their PCT (WO) application via ePCT route.

A patent application that is filed under the ePCT is called an international application, or PCT application and helps to maintain patent paperless in upto 152 countries. It offers applicants a cost-effective, simplified and efficient means of seeking patent protection in multiple countries. Signicent can help you file the online patent application as an “eEditor”, while making you an eOwner while respecting your confidentiality/ rights.

We can also help you 360 degrees, right from the patentability search (idea screening) to patent drafting and illustration(patent writing & drawings) and till the point the application is ready to be filled as PCT application.


  • PAPERLESS: Signicent can assist you to file ePCT, which can help you go paperless and hassle free patent filing in multiple jurisdictions.
  • EXTENDED TIMELINE: With PCT application the applicant can get extended period of publication which varies from 30-31 months in different countries. This extension can help in finding the potential buyers or licensee for funding.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: PCT helps in filing the patent in multiple jurisdiction without having to submit the national fees for each jurisdictions in different currencies.
  • EASY DOCUMENTATION: Signicent can further help you to maintain relevant documents by keeping a record of filings made by you.
  • BROWSING: You can easily browse through the 100’s of application just by searching the patent with its international application number.