Commerical & Medical Textile - Innovation & Market Research Report
Commercial & Medical Textile Report: How Innovations are Threading Market Growth?

This textile trends analysis report demonstrates innovative technologies, products, solutions to existing problems, applications, market research and trends in the commercial fabric, medical fabric & textile industry. The textile industry is flourishing globally. The textile trends analysis discloses that odour less…

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Electronic Textile By Signicent
Electronic Textile: Innovative Technologies, Key Companies & Market Research

E-textile are fabrics that enable digital components. A battery, a light, and electronics are embedded in them. In 1968, the Museum of Contemporary Craft in New York City held a ground-breaking exhibition. The ‘Body Covering’ focused on the relationship between technology and apparel.

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Smart Textile & Fabrics By Signicent
Smart Textile & Fabrics: Innovation, Technology & Market Research Report

Smart textile is one of the most promising transformational industry. Smart fabric marching on a novel, untrodden and illusory-filled horizon. Conductive clothing has taken a forefront with its specificity to produce a self – generating energy.

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