Cell Culture In Cosmetics by Signicent
Cell Culture Technology in Cosmetic Chemicals

Cosmetics are constituted mixtures of chemical compounds derived from either natural sources or synthetically created ones. They are designed to enhance/ alter one’s appearance. A variety of organic compounds and inorganic compounds comprise typical cosmetics.

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Plant-Based Perfumes Deodrants By Signicent
Deodorants: How is the Perfume Industry Trending in the Digital Age?

People are looking for deodorants and fragrance options with functional and cognitive benefits e.g., improved sleep, boosting mood, maintaining focus, calming purpose, stress release, etc. Furthermore, as today’s population has started shifting towards veganism, there has been a rise in the demand for vegan personal care products.

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Nanocellulose and Lignin in Cosmetics By Signicent
Nanocellulose & Lignin in Cosmetics Report: How are natural ingredients transforming the cosmetic industry?

Nanocellulose fiber (CNF), has significant properties of moisture adsorbing and thickening effect, and it is a harmless plant-based resource. The recent addition of nanocrystalline cellulose to cosmetic formulations provides an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin and gives a far more natural look.

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Herbal Cosmetic by Signicent
Herbal Cosmetics Report: Towards Efficacious Future

Cosmetics products are mostly used to amplify the natural appearance of the skin and its texture. These cosmetic products are known to cause harm. Therefore today herbal cosmetics are fuelling up the market. Herbal cosmetics foundation is laid on natural ingredients derived from natural sources.

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Nail Care By Signicent
Nail Care Report: Impact of AI & Biodegradability on Nail Salon Market

The nail care report explores and identifies various innovations in the nail salons industry. Key emerging companies working in nail care, along with major collaborations and startups emerging with innovative technologies have been discussed.

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Microplastic Free Cosmetics Report: How Innovations in Market are tackling ‘Plastic’ in Cosmetic Products?

The microplastics free cosmetics report sheds light on challenges of degradation of microplastics, alternatives of microplastics for cosmetics, market trends, key companies and partnerships to tackle the problem of plastic soup & treatment of wastewater having microplastic.

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Quasi Drugs By Signicent
Quasi-Drugs Report: The Regulated Cosmeceuticals with Growing Market

Quasi Drugs can be classified into 3 categories. Group 1 has items used for sanitary purposes such as sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual pads. The textile used for manufacturing masks such as dust and surgical masks.

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Hair Care Packaging By Signicent
Hair Care Packaging Report: Sustainable Innovations & Products to Green-up the Market

The packaging industry is burgeoning progressively in the market. The packaging gives pleasing appeal and contributes to the brand value. Consumers have become more aware and are adopting fundamentally eco-friendly packaging

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Hair Care By Signicent
Hair Care Treatment Report: Will Natural Products Drive Global Consumer Market?

A hair care report will take you through the innovative products, emerging technologies, market research & trends, key players in the area of hair care products including natural shampoo, conditioner, masks, colors and biodegradable & recyclable packaging.

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Digitalization in the Beauty Industry By Signicent
Digitalization in the Beauty Industry: Innovation, IP & Market Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning help assess bulks of information to draw meaningful conclusions and suggest or make preferences most relevant to the end-user.

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Sustainability in Beauty and Cosmetics Industry By Signicent
Sustainability in Beauty & Cosmetics Industry: Innovation, IP, Emerging Technologies, Suppliers & Market Research Report

Note: The free primer on sustainability in beauty & cosmetics industry report can be requested from here. Download Report 📩 Request Study Proposal Contact Signicent There is a surge in the consumer interest towards the sustainability in beauty & cosmetics…

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