Signicent can help both Indian and Non-Indian clients to prosecute their patents in India. We can help you 360 degrees, right from the patentability search (idea screening) to patent drafting and illustration (patent writing & drawings) and till the point patent gets granted or prosecuted at Indian patent office. Signicent can also help in filing PCT application (WO applications) from India that can be useful when one’s aim is to target multiple countries (say US, European or Asian countries) in addition to India, from a single WO application. Some of the services we provide for Indian patent prosecution includes:

Patent Drafting:

1. Preparing provisional patent application
2. Preparing complete patent application

Patent Prosecution (Important Forms):

1. Request for examination
2. Express examination
3. Request for early publication
4. Reporting office action with advice
5. Preparing and submitting reply to office action
6. Submitting details of the corresponding applications
7. Reporting letters patent document with maintenance advice

Design patents (Forms and Filing):

1. Preparing and filing a design application
2. Preparation of drawings, each view
3. Claiming priority
4. Filing priority document
5. Reporting office action with advice
6. Preparing and filing reply to office action
7. Reporting certificate of registration