White Space Analysis & Technology Gaps

What is a white space analysis?

How does one determine what part of one’s business or technology to expand in, to make a change to give the necessary boost or to strategically innovate on one’s products? When we think of some of the world’s most innovative companies, one factor that separates them from others is that they identified gaps in an area of technology and then they were the first ones to execute and develop on those that had growth potential. They used an extensive market analysis to improvise on those areas that could be expanded further. A white space analysis helps you identify gaps in the technology sector of interest. White spaces can be more specifically understood to be the areas in the technology landscape that have little to no developments and lack exclusivity. They show business opportunities and identification of a market that can be expanded.

What is the need for a White Space Analysis?

A white space analysis or technology gap analysis:

  • – Help teams and Research & Development professionals make unanimous decisions on meeting goals for innovation in technology or for future investments.
  • – Help IP managers identify gaps in the patent landscape where there is little to no patenting activity. This enables them to drive innovations and infrastructure towards a particular area of technology.
  • – Shows trends in innovation over time and lack or scope of future development.
  • – Aids in enhancing portfolios of products as well as patents giving you an extra edge over competitors.
  • – Recognizes the internal capabilities of a company. This helps you identify within your current innovation and production capabilities the areas where competitors can capitalize and where there is scope for improvisation.
  • – Give an estimate of what technologies are competitors moving away from
  • – Shows which companies are actively engaged in a particular area of interest, as well as areas where they’re not focusing.

Reporting  & Deliverables

Advanced Tools for analysis and review

Our technology analysis tools such as PatView Dashboard give our clients detailed graphical and easy-on-the-eye review of results showing white spaces of the technology of interest.

Detailed Technology Analysis

Signicent has evolved several new methods to identify gaps in the technological landscape by plotting various variables such as problems identified in the prior arts, solutions from the known patents or literature, publication data, technology timelines, competitor focuses, alternative solutions solving similar bottlenecks,  etc.

Competitive Intelligence

Our reporting has a graphical representation of results which enlists major players and competitors, their key focus areas and also the date wise trends in their technology development.

Bibliographic Insights

A technological white space analysis from us gives you bibliographic information such as the date of filing, publication, and expiry of patents. For non-patent literature such as products, articles, and research papers, we provide relevant dates.

Various parameters are plotted together to identify various possible white spaces in the landscape. It is possible that not all the white spaces identified in the analysis are technologically feasible to fill the gaps or to improvise on. The research team at Signicent eliminates such pseudo white spaces/gaps in technology and recommends workable white spaces that have a relatively lower density of existing technological innovation.

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