Technology monitoring is the process of timely tracking and managing the relevant technologies showing up across distributed locations. It can involve gathering and processing a large amount of data from journals, patents, web searches, products and conferences.

Purpose & Use

Technology Monitoring helps in identifying the relevant technologies to support innovative services. It provides periodic updates on business requirements and helps in analyzing the goals to be accomplished. We provide comprehensive manual analysis of all the documents, align the findings according to the objective and draw required trends, on demand, to provide valuable insights.

Process & Reporting

The process involves the periodic evaluation of specific technologies and provides in-depth evaluation and strategy implementation for technology. It is to make sure that the technologies are in-line and functional at all times. Technology Monitoring can gather a large amount of information from different sources like technical journals, conferences, Web searches and R&D departments.

We can constantly keep a technological eye on advancements or companies to support innovation and R&D activities, and provide a complete report to the clients based on their specific requirements. It can be on monthly basis, quarterly basis, half-yearly or yearly basis as well.