Technology Gap Analysis is used to locate gaps by comparing where you are against where you would like to be. We identify gaps between these two states and recommend actions to close them through technology research and scouting in different aspects to find actionable solutions.

Purpose & Use

Technology Gap Identification (TGI) identifies specific gaps and provides in-depth assessment, evaluation and strategy implementation for technology. It helps in identifying the unmet needs, business requirements and analyzing the goals to be accomplished. We provide a comprehensive manual analysis of all the documents, align the findings according to the objective and draw trends to provide actionable insights.

Process & Reporting

Signicent adopts a systematic approach to accumulate data from patents, technical papers, university research, R&D units and incubation centers that are available on free or paid databases. The process involves the analysis of the current state for instance what challenges are faced during product/ technology development and identifying the areas of weakness. Then, ensure that the project requirements have been met by analyzing the current state. Further, validate the details of the finding with the output of market research and provide technical information which can lead to better decisions by doing comparative analysis. We uncover the growth opportunities that will include unexplored and under-rated markets to enable and complement unmet needs & whitespaces.