Copyright is extremely important to creators as it constitutes the ownership of one’s original creation. A copyright is an intellectual property right given to an author, artist composer or programmer. The benefit of having ownership will mean that you can protect your work from competitors who may make money from your intellectual property. We perform exhaustive copyright searches across various databases.

Copyrights come into existence automatically as soon as the work is created by the artist or creator. Though the registration is not mandatory, however, if you file, it then serves as prima facie evidence in the court of law in case of any dispute that may come in reference to the ownership of the copyright. This in turn makes the creator eligible to gain statutory damages and attorney’s fees in successful litigation.

Copyright Search

Signicent – Technology, IP & Market Research, can help you find the status of existing copyrights or works of entertainment enabling you to safely make decisions regarding literary or dramatic works, sculptures, audio or video recordings, camera images, works for media and entertainment purposes.

Our reports have comprehensive searches across various databases including copyright catalogues, USPTO & Canadian copyright databases,, Copyright renewal database, Copyright clearance centre search, Google image search for relevant images available in the public domain, various library services, encyclopedia, other country-wise copyright databases, search engine databases etc. to identify the original creators of the work and potential infringements in case you already have copyright and want to search for probable infringers.

Our meticulous service can reduce the risk of paying hefty fees for copyright litigations.

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