Design Search

The design for an article (product, apparatus etc.) consists of the visual characteristics of an article. The design can be related to:

    1. Configuration of the article
    2. Surface or Ornamental appearance of an article
    3. Combination of above two

The basic difference between the “utility patent” and “design patent” can be understood that while the former protects the way an article or object is used or work on the other hand later protects the way the article or object looks in appearance. An article can thus be subjected to both or either of the two protections however design patents are narrower in protection scope as compared to the utility patents.

Signicent can conduct design searches using commercial global brand databases, DesignView databases, Design classification codes and several other product databases for novel design.

Client can submit the sketches (hand drawn or software drawn), pictures of the products, or any known similar looking images on internet with distinctive (novel) modifications clearly marked to Signicent and our team can conduct comprehensive design searches. We also help our clients make  illustrations/ figures in accordance to the patent office formats during patent drafting.