Signicent research team has the potential to deliver a technical depth of any specific technology. Investigational Research explores specifically what is exactly happening in a narrow technology domain. This research will help the client in a way that delivers the solution to the problems in a specific domain in the form of information landscape(s).

Purpose & Use

Signicent team has Experienced IP experts from key technical fields. The analyst team will offer a thorough examination of the patent documents and market research for a specific technology. Investigational research helps in the identification of novel and innovative concepts in various technology areas. The research tends to showcase the best-suited existing solutions and recognition of potential acquisition prospects. Additionally, the research helps the client to understand the technological risk assessment and explore qualitative solutions to expand the business.

Process & Reporting

The process involves various searches on different databases to identify the relevant reference datasets. These datasets will be further analyzed to identify existing solutions. Then, complement the existing solutions on missing elements by identification and analysis of overlapping references. And at last, check the feasibility of the identified solutions and their ranking on various parameters.

Signicent has expertise in finding solutions using Investigational research.

Around 250+ Investigational research have been conducted so far for our clients, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. The clients get to understand the problem(s) and explore the qualitative solutions to overcome the technological challenge, which can eventually lead to business expansion.