Computer Vision in Health Care By Signicent
Computer Vision in Healthcare Report: How AI has driven innovation in cell & tissue therapies?

Healthcare Industry is hit hard by the pandemic, and a lot of companies were compelled to develop and digitalize in order to thrive. Computer vision is a brilliant application of artificial intelligence that is able to understand and interpret images. With advancements in neural network technology, it is now possible to identify and react to images with near-perfect precision.

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Oral Care by Signicent
Oral Care Report: How emerging innovations are shaping the market?

Oral and dental health is a fundamental part of overall wellness. Poor oral hygiene can cause gum disease and tooth decay. It has also been related to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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Aqua Drinks By Signicent
Aqua Drinks Report: How Innovations are Driving Market?

The report discusses innovations in aqua drinks. It will talk about technology research, market research and the competitive aspect of aqua drinks.

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Phytomedicine by Signicent
Phytomedicine Report: Why Everyone Is Looking For Herbal Products?

Phytomedicine can be defined as an herbal medicine with therapeutic and healing properties. Phytopharmaceutical preparation can be defined as a medicine derived exclusively from a whole plant or parts of plants and manufactured in a crude form or as a purified pharmaceutical formulation.

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Voice Prosthesis Signicent
Voice Prosthesis Report: How Machine Learning Is Expanding Market?

The Voice Prosthesis Report explores the use of machine learning for voice prosthesis. The report covers technological advancements and innovations to improve voice prosthesis.

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Ophthalmology By Signicent
Ophthalmology Report: How Use of AI Can Drive Market?

The objective of the study is to conduct technology research in the field of telehealth in Ophthalmology. The ophthalmology report is aimed at identifying potential areas and key opportunities in the field of telehealth and optical care.

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Teleaudiology By Signicent
Teleaudiology Report: Can Blockchain Aid the Digital Hearing Market?

The teleaudiology report explores and identifies various innovations in the digital health system industry. Major collaborations and startups emerging with innovative technologies have been discussed.

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Lasik Technology By Signicent
LASIK Technology Report: Which Laser Innovations will Gaze the Eyecare Market?

The LASIK technology report explores the LASIK For Eyecare System. The report would cover technological advancements and innovations in the LASIK For Eyecare System.

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Antimicrobial Resistance By Signicent
Antimicrobial Resistance Report: Can Innovative Therapies Tackle Multidrug Resistant Pathogen Crisis?

Antimicrobial resistance report discusses about multidrug-resistant pathogens & therapies to combat antimicrobial resistance such as phage therapy, probiotics, antimicrobial peptides, novel antibodies, CRISPR/ Cas9 etc.

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Dental & Orthodontics By Signicent
Dental & Orthodontics Report: Can Innovative Products Brace up Dentistry Market Growth?

The orthodontics report will address the challenges experienced by people undergoing the dental procedure and technical constraints. In this report, the technology research, as well as market research, has been studied comprehensively by doing technology scouting.

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Animal Vaccine By Signicent
Animal Vaccine Report: Innovations, COVID-19 & the Global Market Growth

Vaccination is a reliable safe, and effective way of protection against diseases prior to coming into contact. The vaccine uses the body’s natural defense mechanism to develop resistance against specific infections.

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Spine Navigation By Signicent
Spine Navigation Report: Innovations in Robotics, AR & VR are Backbone of Market

Technology advancements in Spine Navigation have breakthrough progress. This will further enhance navigation ability and clinical application in the healthcare industry.

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Antibiotic Resistance By Signicent
Combating Antibiotic (Antimicrobial) Resistance with Alternate Therapies:

Technology research report for antibiotic & antimicrobial resistance discusses therapeutics challenges, innovations, & new technical approaches. The report also covers startups, companies, global trends, collaborations & acquisitions.

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Liver Cancer Treatment By Signicent
Liver Cancer Treatment & Diagnostics: Artificial Intelligence & Robots to Fight Tumors

Liver Cancer Diagnostic Report discusses Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & robots assisted treatments for Liver Cancer. This will take us through the startups, companies, global trends, methods, challenges with AI, innovative technologies, the liver cancer treatment and diagnosis market &…

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Hair Care By Signicent
Hair Care Treatment Report: Will Natural Products Drive Global Consumer Market?

A hair care report will take you through the innovative products, emerging technologies, market research & trends, key players in the area of hair care products including natural shampoo, conditioner, masks, colors and biodegradable & recyclable packaging.

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Tobacco Harm Reduction By Signicnet
Tobacco Harm Reduction: Innovative Technologies, Key Companies, Patents & Market Research

According to W.H.O, Tobacco is taking lives of more than 8 million people each year. It is estimated that more than 7 million of the deaths are due to direct consumption.

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