Technology commercialization is the process of placing the technologies from the research laboratory into the marketplace. We recommend new technologies and ensure to provide early insight into the most exciting innovations.

Purpose & Use

Technology commercialization helps in generating economic gains through the direct or indirect use of R&D outcomes for market use. This is in addition to the publication of research findings. It focuses on identifying new and potentially powerful technologies that can be brought into the market and help organizations achieve business growth. The commercialization strategy refers to the various investment decision that a firm considers in order to move its technology/product from ideation to market.

Process & Reporting

The Commercialization Process involves the transfer of intellectual property rights to a company that is willing and capable to migrate the technology from the research laboratory to the market to be used by the general public. This transfer occurs through a license that may be granted to an existing company or to a start-up company that is created specifically for the purpose of transferring the technology to public use.

Signicent can help find out such potential scouts globally or from specific countries using its proven research methodology and expertise so that you can form a proactive intellectual property collaboration.