Market Research & Analysis Get tailor-made market research reports from over more than 100 technology areas, life sciences, pharmaceutical, energy, robotics, electronics, consumer goods, aerospace, automotive and more. Choose one or more of our services from the list below...

Content Management

Company Profiles: To understand & analyze competitors’ businesses, we can provide company profiles, their decision-making process, their competition, size, revenue, market position, stakeholders, market strategies deployed, mergers, acquisitions and other information needed to evaluate the market of a company.
Competitive Landscaping: Competitive landscape (from a market perspective) assists customers in analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, market trends, and how the target business can outperform better upon what its competition is doing. An extension of this service can be found in the patent landscape, where CI is performed using patents.
Company Listings: We help our clients to create a unique position and value for their product in the market. With the help of our expertise in primary research and secondary research we make a positioning strategy for our clients which help them to understand the unique selling points that they possess to capture the market.
Investment Research: Our main goal with this service is to gather, accumulate and interpret whatever information will best support the investment decision-making procedure of investors. We help our clients to avoid potential risks related to their market strategy under this service. It involves studying investments, industry sectors and economic trends.
Industry Insights: Industry Insight is collection of information from the independent researchers who investigate and provide expert insight about the market. Insights are the true information provided by the relevant stakeholders that can deliver results in a particular industrial domain corresponding to the area of your work.
Mergers & Acquisition (M&A): We help our clients to provide information regarding the administrative rules on mergers & acquisition of all major companies of the market. We update our clients by providing them information regarding recent announcements related to mergers & acquisition, product recall, new product launch etc.

Research Process Outsourcing

Telephonic Interviewing: We have expertise in conducting CATI interviews globally from thought leaders such as directors and industry experts. We gather information by conducting B2B and B2C surveys and in-depth interviews. We control complete process for our clients, right from designing the market study to validate the information gathered.
Verification and Validation: Verification and validation are two independent procedures that are used together for analyzing product service, requirement and specifications. We dive deeper in the business for product design verification and its evaluation. Validation can be done for concepts, research methodology, positioning and more.
Market Sizing & Estimation: Market Sizing is the best technique to examine the market forecasting. Our expertise in the market research enables us to provide intelligent insights like the total size & future trends of a market (product or service), the competitors in the market, most significant trends and availability of similar products.
Web Interviewing: We gather information from different industry experts, key opinion leaders and stakeholders. We use our network and online panel to conduct interviews for providing the right information. We work collaboratively with our clients from the design of the study through its online launch and to the completion of the target surveys.
SWOT Analysis: SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis deals with internal and external factors, as well as the current and future potential of the market. We remove all the blind spots detrimental to a business to assist our clients in navigating and executing a solid strategy into action for their business.
Product & Price Benchmark: Product and price benchmarking helps clients to compare factors such as cost, quality, product features, functionality, scope, service, response and availability of product against competitors in the same market. Benchmarking will include both secondary and primary research methodologies with those of competitor’s products.
Secondary Research: We gather information for our clients from different secondary sources like government agencies, registries, articles or other businesses within your industry. It's usually published in newsletters, trade publications, pamphlets, magazines, and newspapers etc. Other secondary sources include public & commercial & educational institutions.
Market Segments & Growth: Market segmentation and growth analysis strategy helps clients to preserve leading position in a niche market. Our expertise work on principle of understanding the need of customers and how consumers choose between products. We use statistical techniques to do the segmentation analysis of market.
Retrieve Company Information: We can retrieve information about company from internal resources such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, inventory records, sales figures, 510k etc. We can also use external sources such as journals and magazines, industry and market data, annual reports, Government database, demographics/ consumer data.


Quantitative Analysis

Market Estimates & Forecasts: Market assessment provides with estimated figures based upon some calculation, business development, sales force deployment and market growth. A market forecast is a core component of a market analysis which includes projections for a product type, company, sector, industry, demographic type or overall population.
Company Share Analysis (CSA): We dive deeper in the business to analyze other market players business, their decision making process, market strategies deployed, stakeholders and intelligent insights on mergers and acquisitions to evaluate the business of a company. We create an elaborate company share analysis with the help of our experience in primary and secondary research.
Market Assessment & Feasibility Studies: Market assessment and feasibility study is carried out to determine and to understand the market dynamics and opportunities & threats involved in market. The outcome of the market research and analysis facilitates organizations to plan business growth strategies and related investment plans.

Qualitative Analysis

Product Positioning: We help our clients to provide information about the customer needs, competitive pressures, accessible correspondence channels and others to preserve and upgrade product position in the market.
Management Executive Summaries: We discuss key pieces of executive summary that summarizes all the sections of a market research report. It comprises all the aspects of the research performed, conclusion from the research and what moves the management should make to best react to the research findings.
Multi-client Market Intelligence Reports: We help our clients to provide in-depth primary research that is focused on major industry trends and topics. Every market research report is led by a team of subject and research experts who give conclusion about business critical information that can be applied for better sales.