Technology Convergence is the integration of two or more independent technologies that cohabitate in a single system and offers better & efficient technology applications. Signicent assists businesses, IP, and R&D teams through reports that help them infer answers to their queries, enable them to understand the recent research activities taking place in their area of interest, evaluate their R&D operations, and streamline the decision-making process.

Purpose & Use

Technology convergence brings new opportunities in terms of development & advancements in different fields like telecommunication, the medical domain, social media and many others. It eventually influences our everyday life. Technological convergence also allows consumers to use devices in the most effective way that best meets their needs.

Process & Reporting

The process involves the convergence of two or more different technologies, originally unrelated into a single technology saving time, cost, power and space. The outcome is closely integrated, unified and advanced creating new pathways and opportunities. A systematic strategy is used to collect data from patents, technical papers, university research, R&D units, and incubation centers available on free or commercial databases. It can occur on two levels, which are briefly discussed below.

The process involves a systematic approach to accumulate data from patents, technical papers, university research, R&D units and incubation centers that are available on free or paid databases.

Industry Level

Medical devices from the medical domain and IOT from computer applications converge to form the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) where medical devices collect and send patients’ health statistics over various networks to healthcare providers for monitoring.

Product Level

Cell phones are no longer only used to communicate from one person to another, but are now capable of playing MP3s, taking pictures, capturing videos, calculating problems, watching time, etc. So, cell phones are nowadays known as smartphones acting as a single device with functionalities of cell phones, cameras, video recorders, television, calculator, watches, etc.

We provide a comprehensive manual analysis of all the documents along with the alignment of findings according to the objective and draw trends to provide actionable insights.