Proposal Title: 

To set up an IPR sensitization program for Indian University in par with US & European Research Organisations


Amongst many, the key objectives of this collaboration will be to:

  • Promote innovation at grass root level
  • Promote & run IPR sensitization programs at various levels in College and Universities
  • Conduct technology landscapes for doing “novel” research
  • Increase IPR fillings and patent grants
  • Explore commercialization aspects to earn revenue from granted IP


About Signicent:

Signicent Information Solutions LLP (ISO 9001:2008 certified) is a Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company that pioneers in Intellectual Property Research, Market Research, Business Research and Educational Outsourcing. Read more about us by clicking here.

Awards and Recognition:

Signicent has several awards and recognition, that are mentioned below:

  1. Signicent Information Solutions LLP is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  2. Featured in “25 Most Promising Global Outsourcing Companies” in March 2015 edition of Silicon India Magazine
  3. Signicent is registered on Dun & Bradstreet with our D-U-N-S Number as 872219656
  4. Signicent is active member at PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry est. 1905 by Govt. of India ( 5033)
  5. Signicent is also registered on System for Award Management (SAM) which is the Official U.S. Government system for Award & project management
  6. The NCAGE (NATO Codification System ) number is SAEK2
  7. Shortlisted for 2015 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Awards
  8. Winners of IP Excellence Awards in India, 2016 organized by Questel
  9. Winner of Business Awards 2017 as “Best KPO Company 2017 & Award for Excellence in IP Research” by APAC Insider


We Propose:

Signicent LLP would like to propose and offer its full collaboration and expertise in the area of IPR to help Indian Universities increase the research quality and IPR strength to new heights, so that the universities can come in par with foreign universities.

Advantages for University/ Institute:

Collaboration with Signicent LLP will provide Indian campuses with multiple direct and indirect advantages, such as:

  1. Quality of research will increase to world class level
  2. The citation scores will improvise multi-fold
  3. In addition to “quantity” of filling of patents, the quantity of quality patents being granted will increase multiple fold
  4. Patents will be a Revenue Source for universities/institutes
  5. In addition to Indian protection, foreign patents can be applied for and enforcing same may bring in $ or  € influx
  6. Increase brand value of University
  7. It will allow an opportunity for Universities/Institutes to get better and more grants and funding for future projects
  8. Innovation awareness will increase the credibility of education in campus
  9. Patents will lure investors to fund the University start-ups
  10. It will improve the selection of students to research driven companies, something students always desire


Offered Services:

Among 30+ services explained on our website, the majors ones which we think can be of use to the Indian university/ Institutes are as:

  1. Organizing Workshops and Seminars on IPR
  2. Idea screening with patentability searches (Novel vs. Not-novel)
  3. Patent Drafting & Drawings/ Illustrations
  4. Filling patent applications
  5. Responding to patent examiner’s office actions to increase the chance of grants
  6. Valuing the monetary value of patents
  7. Commercializing (licensing or selling) patents for revenue generation


Getting Started:

These could be the first few steps if University decides to proceed with us:

  1. Awareness and Implementation program on IPR for key stake holders, faculty and students
  2. Signing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with institute for safe exchange of disclosures
  3. Signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
  4. Setting-up/ Streamlining IPR Cell
  5. Formulating/ Streamlining IPR policies


Contact us:

Write to us on or call us at +91-7696-887-888 for any queries