24 creative & cool mouse designs patents

Author: Shaurya Vasishta

Sr. No. PublicationNo. Publication Date Title
1 US753659S1 12-Apr-16 Electronic mouse
2 US9261984B2 16-Feb-16 Multi-button mouse
3 USD685369S1 02-Jul-13 Computer mouse
4 US8314772B1 20-Nov-12 Computer mouse
5 USD665392S1 14-Aug-12 Computer mouse
6 US8049724B2 01-Nov-11 AEE (articulated, elevated, ergonomic) computer mouse
7 US20100188337A1 29-Jul-10 Computer mouse providing a touchless input interface
8 US7737942B2 15-Jun-10 Computer mouse on a glove
9 US7701443B2 20-Apr-10 Ergonomic computer mouse
10 US7385587B1 10-Jun-08 Asymmetrical computer mouse design with extended thumb button
11 US20060274044A1 07-Dec-06 Whole hand computer mouse with a button for each finger
12 US20060227108A1 12-Oct-06 Computer mouse for harsh environments and method of fabrication
13 US20050190155A1 01-Sep-05 Computer mouse carried on the palm of the hand
14 US20050057507A1 17-Mar-05 Roller structure for a computer mouse
15 US20030184519A1 02-Oct-03 Gripping type computer mouse device
16 USD465493S1 12-Nov-02 Computer mouse with motorcycle gas tank shape
17 US6441805B1 27-Aug-02 Ergonomic computer mouse
18 USD457884S1 28-May-02 Computer mouse
19 USD443273S1 05-Jun-01 Computer mouse
20 EP0940764A1 08-Sep-99 Computer mouse
21 USD330706S 03-Nov-92 Computer mouse
22 USD306017S 13-Feb-90 Mouse for computer board
23 USD288930S 24-Mar-87 Computer mouse
24 USD281164S 29-Oct-85 Mouse

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