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Herbicide Market & Crop Protection Report: Technological & Product Innovations to Boost Growth

The crop protection report will take you through the innovative products, herbicide market, crop protection market, and emerging technologies.

How Herbicide Market Can Help in Crop Protection

Herbicides are a special kind of pesticides that are used to control unwanted plants. These are also known by the term weedkillers. Herbicides can be categorized into two types, selective and non-selective herbicides.

Selective herbicides as the name suggests, control specific weed species. These herbicides do not harm the desired crops. The non-selective herbicides are not specific in their action. They are used to clear industrial and construction sites and railway ridges.

The aim of using selective herbicides is to improve agricultural productivity by killing unwanted herbs and weeds in the plantation. Hence, an increase in demand for high agricultural productivity to meet the global food demands majorly drives the growth of the herbicides market.

Need of Innovations in Herbicides & Crop Protection

As time is passing, the weeds are getting resistant due to excessive and repeated use of already existing solutions. There are different types of weeds in different types of agricultural crops and a universal herbicide will not help in curbing the weeds of all agricultural crops.

In some cases, the product has to be used multiple times for cleaning all the weeds, in that case, herbicides needed to be efficient so that they can be used for minimum cycles to remove the weeds.

Sometimes it is seen that only one herbicide is not effective for the proper removal of the weeds in those cases there are mixes of multiple options is tried to get rid of the unwanted herbs.

How Compositional Changes Helped Herbicide & Crop Protection Market

UPL Ltd has made some composition & process-based modifications. It shows enhanced compatibility properties of microencapsulated pendimethalin and suspension concentrate of a co-herbicide. It is a more stable composition and method in which components need not be tank-mixed by the farmers at the time of use and also provides a broader spectrum of weed control.

BASF SE has made innovations in reduced resistance & broad-spectrum herbicides. The combination is said to be efficient and reliable control of grass and broadleaf weeds. It has a composition comprising combination herbicides. The sulfonyl benzamide and glufosinate and the third one are chosen from a group of herbicides. It is a composition-based innovation.

DOW AGROSCIENCES LLC has made innovations in controlling broad leave weeds. To achieve this, composition-based changes were made. A combination of isoxaben, flufenacet, and diflufenican for controlling the broad-leaved weeds was used.

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Companies & Products

BASF has produced Arietta, Basagran, Basamid, Buster, Frontier P, Pulsar, Pyramin DF, Sharpen, Spinnaker, Stomp Xtra. These have aided in crop protection tremendously.

Orion AgriScience has made ACE, AMMO MAX, ASSET, ATRAFLOW, ATRAGRANZ, BANDIT, BASH, BEACON, BEETALL PD, BEETRON herbicide products. These products have revolutionized crop protection concerns.

Adira Crop Protection Solutions has produced Alliacine 40EC, Armada 800WG, Asulan DC, BeetPro, Beetup Compact, Centric, Coronet. Alliacine 40EC is a herbicide for post-emergence use in onions, in lettuce, and pre-emergence in carrots, leeks, and parsnips.

Bayer Crop Science has produced Actril DS Selective Herbicide, Balance 750 WG Herbicide, Balance flow Herbicide, Basta Non-Selective Herbicide, Betanal® Flow Herbicide. Balance 750 WG herbicide helps with residual control of the problem of broadleaf and grass weeds in chickpea and sugarcane crops.

Herbicides Market

The global herbicides market was valued at USD 27.21 billion in 2016. It is anticipated to reach USD 39.15 billion by 2022. The drivers of the growing market are improving agricultural productivity, meeting global demand for food, and adopting better farming practices.

Major Players :  Herbicides are used for crop protection. These are the chemicals used for controlling weed. The key players in the herbicide section are BASF (Germany), DowDuPont (US), Monsanto (US), Nufarm Ltd. (Australia), Syngenta (Switzerland), FMC Corporation (US), Arysta (US),  Nissan Chemical Industries (Japan), and Drexel Chemical (US).

COVID 19 Impact on Food Security

The COVID-19 pandemic has come up with new challenges as well as opportunities for the food and agricultural industry. An imbalance in government funding due to the pandemic has accelerated the research. Across the globe, crop protection has become the pressing point. To have sustainable and healthy food systems, it is essential to protect crops.

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