Nokia patents Vibrating Tattoos and Badges

Nokia, which has about 2500 patents (published and granted) worldwide, is trying to patent an interesting technology on vibrating tattoos that can vibrate when a user’s phone will receive a call with an aim to alert the user.

Nokia's vibrating tattoos patent


Published last year on 15th March, 2012, Nokia is trying to patent a material that is capable of detecting a magnetic field and transferring a stimulus (vibration) to the skin. This material, Nokia claims, can be visible image, invisible image, invisible tattoo, visible tattoo, visible marking, invisible marking, visible marker, visible sign, invisible sign, visible label, invisible label, visible symbol, invisible symbol or visible badge.

Though people have already started to talk about the usefulness or health hazards related to this technology, but the patent looks interesting enough to bring the Finnish company to limelight once again for its innovation in mobile market.

Source: Haptic communication