Patent on new systems and methods for ejecting SIM card in iPhone

Apple filed another patent for the mechanism that would aid in easy ejection of SIM from the phone. Apple Inc. has devised a new ejector mechanism for mobile phones where a magnet in the module would attract a magnet present in removable module. At present in most of the devices a user would straighten out a paper clip and one end of the same would be inserted into a hole and ejection of the module would be forced.

Magnet mechanism for ejecting SIM card in iPhone

The patent application No. US20130267106 got published in USPTO database on October 10, 2013 for the use of magnet system in module ejection. The abstract of the patent reads:

“An electronic device may be provided with an ejector mechanism for at least partially ejecting a removable module (e.g., a SIM card tray) from the device. The ejector mechanism may include a user interface portion and a tray interface portion, and each interface portion may include a first end fixed to the device and a second end coupled to the second end of the other interface portion. Tension between the fixed first ends may bias the ejector mechanism to alternate between two ejector mechanism states when the ejector mechanism receives either a user input force to eject the removable module from the connector or a tray input force to insert the removable module into the connector.”

Another advantage of this system that Apple stated was the housing would not get opened and hence the problems related to impairing function or entry of debris would be eliminated.

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