Samsung Smartphones with Comfort Zone on Screen: New Patent Reveals

With the increasing size of smart phones, the phone becomes difficult to handle in hand range. ‘Tiny screen mode’ is the option already provided by Samsung in Galaxy note 3 but the company is looking for more that is to place all the buttons with in the comfort zone of the user. Patent for this option was filed with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) on May 21 2013 and got published on November 28, 2013.

The abstract of WO2013176472A is as:

A method and an apparatus of controlling a User Interfaces (UIs) using a touch screen are provided. The method includes displaying a menu item in a basic setting menu that is preset in a user device, the menu item being used to select rearrangement of UIs arranged in a display area of the touch screen in a user-touchable partial area, and displaying a rearranged screen displaying the UIs rearranged in the user-touchable partial area, upon sensing of a user touch input selecting the rearrangement of the UIs.

Comfort zone on samsuing mobile - patent

The patent gives details about how the device would measure user’s thumb size and place all the icons within his reach. This detection would be based on User Interface from side to the top of the display.

Though the success of this application is not very clear as this could be applied to company’s own application but the user would have to use standard controls for non-Samsung applications. Tech titan would launch Tizen OS and the ‘comfort zone’ would help to differentiate First Tizen Smart Phones from other competitors.