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Virtual Protection Relay Report: What Market Trends Are Expected?

The objective of the virtual protection relay report is to conduct an investigational study in the domain of virtual protection relay. The virtual protection relay report will cover the identification of vendors, partners, and software providers that provide a virtualized protection software platform. To identify products, and software to control different components of smart substations.

Virtualized Protection Relay Technologies

In this section of the Virtual Protection Relay report two very significant technologies have been discussed along with their features.

StarZ™ transmission and distribution system protection & coordination software (ETAP) is a protection & coordination software. This software offers insights into line protection, protective relay performance & evaluation. Also, it helps in troubleshooting false trips, and system-wide protective device operations for transmission and distribution systems.

Some of the features include simulating model-specific protection settings & functions. Also, it has a virtually animate sequence of operation of protective devices. The comprehensive relay library including impedance-based functions and in-depth performance evaluation of impedance/distance relays is another very significant feature. The accurate & realistic distance relay modelling feature helps in transmission line protection.

The VPR technology helps to reduce the wiring among relays and instrument transformers. Furthermore, ETAP allows protection relays to be connected remotely to CTs and PTs through a newly enhanced remote connector element.

The role of StarZ is very critical as it simulates and evaluates model-specific protection settings. Also, it functions similarly to the actual relay. This means that in ETAP, the user configures the same settings and protection element parameters as that of the actual relay.

ETAP emulates the realistic performance of distance relays considering the choice of polarization, dynamic expansion, and many other factors.

System-Based Protection Testing (OMICRON)

RelaySimTest is a software solution for system-based protection testing with OMICRON test equipment that takes a novel, future-oriented approach. The test is independent of relay type and relay manufacturer and is often very extensive parameter setting. It is evident that RelaySimTest can easily and efficiently detect hidden errors in the settings, logic, and design of the protection system which enhances the performance as well as the outcome.

Some of the features include calculating realistic signals by a transient power system simulation and directly injecting via the test set. It also aids in controlling multiple test sets by one application, even at different or remote locations. Simply test protection and automation logic with the patented iterative closed-loop simulation. The RelaySimTest Testing the complete protection system in IEC 61850 substations. System-based testing of protection systems, independent of relay type and manufacturer.

The software can be easily integrated into IEC61850 environments and enables traditional and IEC61850 IED commissioning.

Global Protective Relay System

The global market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.7% over the forecast period. To understand the market dynamics various segmentations are done. The Asia Pacific is expected to be the largest protective relay market during the forecast period.

The market has been divided into various segments based on

  1. Voltage
  2. Technology
  3. End-user
  4. Application
  5. Geography
  • On the basis of Voltage, the market is segmented into Low, Medium and High type.
  • By Technology, the market is segmented into Digital & Numerical Relay and Electromechanical & Static Relay.
  • By End User, Utilities, Industrial, Railways and Others (airports, hospitals, commercial complexes and data centers).
  • By Application, Transmission line, Busbar, Transformer, Feeder, Generator, Motor and Others (Capacitor banks & filterbanks Protection, Breaker Protection, & Interconnection Protection).
  • By Geography, the market is segmentized into North-America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and RoW.

Key Market Players

  • ABB (Switzerland),
  • GE (US),
  • Schneider Electric (France),
  • Siemens (Germany), and
  • SEL (US)

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APAC Sets Market Trends

APAC is the largest market during the forecast period. The growth of protective relay in the Asia Pacific is due to increasing renewable energy capacity. Furthermore, focus on substation automation under IEC 61850 standard and increased grid infrastructure activities are expected to drive the market in the Asia Pacific region.

North America is gaining traction with the large digitization of substations in the region. The Europe region is also expected to exhibit a higher growth rate during the forecast period. Rising adoption of advanced technologies and infrastructural developments are anticipated to augment the market growth in South America and Middle East & Africa.

Drivers of Virtual Protection Relay

With technological advancements and innovative technologies, demand for Virtual Protection Relay has inclined gradually. The market of Virtual Protection Relay is anticipated to see burgeoning growth.

The following factors are aiding in boosting the market

  1. Increasing renewable energy capacity
  2. Substation automation & digitization
  3. Strong grid infrastructure

Future belongs to the innovating technological advancements in Virtual Protection Relay. Any technology that can revolutionize the life of customers is surely going to gain popularity. Such revolutionizing innovating technological advancements are happening in Virtual Protection Relay. Signicent can help you with finding similar relevant technological advancements occurring in your industry.

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