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Automotive Locking & Access Systems: Accessing the Automotives

The objective of the report is technology exploration in the area of Automotive Locking & Access Systems. The report also uncovers the emerging technologies and recent commercialized products related to Automotive Locking & Access Systems. Further, the purpose is to procure the Global market details for identifying the key players, market size, regions, etc., under the same domain.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and others have rapidly been deployed in almost all sectors in the current era. The report focuses on the evolution of IoT applications and Ultra-wideband Technology in smart transportation systems. This aids by providing high-level security in a vehicle and better Vehicle- User connectivity.


The conventionally used locking device of sliding door for a vehicle contains several components. These components operate the door in the ON/OFF position. Conventional locking devices have some drawbacks that are listed below:

  • Complexity in structure
  • Requirement for a large number of parts
  • High manufacturing cost

Innovative Solutions

This section of the report sheds some light on the novel and emerging innovations in automotive locking & access systems researched by the experts of Signicent. These innovations aid the automobile industries by providing new locking devices with simple structures and less manufacturing cost.

Cost Effective & Simple Structure Locking Device for a Vehicle

The R&D group of MITSUBA (Japan) proposed a locking device having a simple structure capable of reducing the number of required parts. Further, by reducing the number of components, the manufacturing cost of the locking device can be decreased.

This locking system involves the simple latch member with a striker that requires fewer components. The simple structure consists of a sensor that detects the position or engagement that works automatically. They add the striker to the vehicle body or open/closed body. When a striker passes between the magnets, it senses the striker’s presence.

In the locking device, the striker is connected to the latch member for opening and closing the door. The sensor connected to the latch member senses the engagement or disengagement of the door. The motor mechanism and control unit give close control when the door is engaged. The switch detects the completion of the process.

Digital Car Key with Ultra-wideband Technology

In 2021, HELLA introduced a new innovative car key enhanced with Ultra-Wideband Technology. With the help of this technology, the user can access the car completely hands-free and via smartphone. This system also provides the highest safety in an automotive vehicle.

This system uses Ultra-Wideband Technology to connect the user with the vehicle. The UWB technology uses radio waves for communication, which can connect the car with better functionality. The vehicle access is completely hands-free without any remote key. This access can help to monitor and store the data digitally for future management. This system does not require any app or IoT to connect with the automobile. The system is recognized at a distance of 50 meters by the vehicle and gets connected to the smartphone. With the help of UWB, vehicle access has become more reliable and comfortable. This system uses the short electrical pulses of transmitters for wireless communication. The car access system is also helpful in car-sharing services or fleet providers.

Each year Signicent provides consultancy to hundreds of organizations to help transform their innovations to value.


The Automotive Industries are now more focused on safety and reliability. Innovations in vehicle safety and locking or access systems are growing for the futuristic approach. The innovations like better connectivity with smartphones, keyless or hand-free access lead the segment to a new level. The Global Automotive Locking system market is expected to reach $ 70.14 Bn by 2026, from $ 57.95 Bn in 2021, at a CAGR of 3.88% during the forecasted timeline.

Market Segmentation

The market has been segmented based on technology, regions, and application.

  1. By Technology- IoT, Near Field Communication (NFC), Ultra-Wideband Technology
  2. By Application- Passenger cars, LCVs, HCVs
  3. By Region- APAC, North America, Europe, RoW


In Feb 2022, Robert Bosch acquired Atlatec. Robert Bosch has many projects ongoing with the various automotive industries for autonomous driving. Robert Bosch acquired Atlatec for main categories like:

  • Autonomous Driving
  • High-resolution 3D maps for levels 3 and 4

Bosch, based in Stuttgart (Germany) was established in 1886. The company is renowned all over the world for its diverse portfolio. This company deals in engineering and electronics. The electronics manufactured by this company are one of the best for use in the automotive sector.

Atlatec is a German-based company founded in 2014. The company mainly focuses on autonomous driving. This company works in the technology sector with an approach to road safety and stimulation.

Key Players

A company’s market share is determined by dividing its sales as a percentage of the industry’s total revenues. Company Share Analysis comprises the top five major players involved in the market, contributing to the maximum sales percentage shares in the overall industry. It compares the sales of the company with its competitors that are manufacturing similar products and services.

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