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Industrial Hoses Report: How Companies are Innovating to Overcome Major Market Problems?

The Industrial Hoses Report will explore innovative solutions to important problems in hoses such as deterioration of the rubber parts in hoses, lamination of hoses, enhancing physical properties, adding RFID etc. The report also covers key companies, startups, merger & acquisitions, market size & growth report of industrial hoses.

The Industrial Hoses Report demonstrates Signicent’s research to decipher innovations that can overcome challenges faced by companies making/ using Industrial Hoses.

Cross linked Acrylic Rubber to Enhance Physical Properties Of Hoses

Problem Statement:

Deterioration of the rubber parts in internal combustion engines has been of concern in recent years.

The Solution:

To provide an acrylic rubber capable of obtaining a cross-linked acrylic rubber that has improved heat aging resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, and deteriorated engine oil resistance.

Composition Specifications

  • The glass transition temperature of the acrylic rubber is −20° C. or less.
  • Change ratio in volume after a cross-linked rubber of the acrylic rubber is immersed in IRM903 oil at 150±2° C. for 72 hours is 0 to 100%.
  • Change ratio in weight after the cross-linked rubber of the acrylic rubber is immersed in hot water at 150±2° C. for 96 hours and dried is −5.0 to 0%.

RFID Wireless System in Hoses

RFID Wireless System Using Resonance Freq. for Breach Detection in Hoses

Problem Statement:

The presence of seawater in marine structures such as flexible pipes can result in a reduction of their operational life. The positive pressure and the vacuum tests often do not produce accurate results.

The Solution:

  • A radio frequency identification (RFID) system is used.
  • Specially-designed sensors are positioned periodically along the length of the pipe and around its circumference and a reader is used to detect the resonance frequency from the outside.
  • This system relies on the measurement of shifts in the resonance frequency of specially-designed sensors. The sea water breach inside the line causes significant variations in the resonance frequency of the system.

Laminating Layers of Hoses to Enhance Physical Properties

Problem Statement:

It is difficult to satisfy various physical properties such as strength, flexibility, thermal resistance, bending resistance. it is common practice to stack and use rubbers having different properties. non-polar or low-polarity rubber is difficult to adhere to other materials and a different type of rubber.

The Solution:

A laminate containing at least one layer selected from the following layers (1) and (2) and containing at least one layer selected from the following layers (3) and (4)

Layer (1): a layer prepared using an ethylene/a-olefin/non-conjugated polyene copolymer

Layer (2): a layer prepared using an ethylene/carboxylic acid copolymer

Layer (3): a layer prepared using an acrylic rubber

Layer (4): a layer prepared using a halogen-containing polymer

Each year Signicent provides consultancy to hundreds of organizations to help transform their innovations to value.

Key Players in Industrial Hoses: Report

Tubes International established in 1993 is a Poland-based company aggressively working on Industrial hoses, Industrial fittings, hydraulics, and high pressure, pneumatics, and hose reels.

Eaton established in 1870 is a Dublin – based company operating pressure range hoses, abrasion resistance, high-performance transfer capabilities.

Ryco established in 1946 is a Derrimut, Australia-based company with high-pressure hydraulic hoses, spiral and wire braid hydraulic hoses, fittings, couplings, and adaptors.

Transfer oil established in 1979 is an Italy-based company working on chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, UV and seawater resistance, and permeation resistance.

Gates established in 1911 is a Colorado-based company dealing in Heatwave technology, spiral wire hose, coupling, and Hydraulic tubing.

Industrial Hoses Report: Merger & Acquisitions

Norres acquired Baggerman

NORRES is a global player and leading manufacturer of technical hoses and hose systems: Highly abrasion-proof Pre-PUR® polyurethane hoses, suction and transport hoses from PVC, TPE, PE, EVA, silicone, etc., high-temperature hoses up to 1,100 °C, electrically conductive and antistatic hoses, connecting elements and accessories, many certified products. It was founded in 1997.

Baggerman has been a highly recognized specialized manufacturer for industrial hoses, couplings, and accessories for almost 70 years, focusing on development, production, and sales. The company has branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, and Romania. It was founded in 1951.

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